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What is AGR-Lite?
AGR-Lite (Adjusted Gross Revenue-Lite) is a federally subsidized insurance plan. It offers whole-farm revenue protection. The plan protects against low revenues due to losses attributable to unavoidable natural disasters such as fire, adverse weather and market fluctuations. AGR-Lite covers revenue losses from most farm-raised commodities, animal commodities, and unprocessed animal products such as milk and wool.

The Basic Idea The AGR-Lite Wizard What You'll Need
Cash Money

AGR-Lite guarantees revenue for the insurance period based on a producer's five-year adjusted gross revenue and an annual farm report.

It uses one insurance policy to cover multiple agricultural commodities.

It uses revenue as the common denominator for all agriculture commodities that are insurable.

AGR-Lite does not insure revenues from added value activities such as creating applesauce from your apple production.

  • determines if you are likely to be eligible for AGR-Lite insurance
  • lists the coverage choices likely to be available
  • estimates your premium cost
  • estimates what payments you would receive if eligible losses were sustained
IRS Scedule F example

Your Schedule F or equivalent tax forms for each of the last five years

Your intended production and revenue for the 2015 tax year